The Teardrop Design 2015... portfolio Simpole Onoto 1907 Exhibition Plunger Filler... portfolio
The 2015 Snake Pen... 18ct Gold! portfolio Simpole/Conway Stewart 100 LE 2014... portfolio
The Simpini Pen... portfolio The 2012 collaboration between Henry and the American pen maker Bruno Corsini. The Clouds House Pens 2013... portfolio
Henry Simpole / Onoto Magna Plunger Filler 2013... portfolio Henry's latest design for the ONOTO pen company, the 2013 Limited Edition Magna Plunger Filler. The ONOTO Overlay No. 1 portfolio Henry's latest design is for the ONOTO pen company, and is named simply the Overlay No. 1.
Bryant's Limited Edition Pen... portfolio The latest design made exclusively for Bryant to a limited edition of only eight pens worldwide... The Violin Pen... portfolio The latest bespoke commission pen to have been completed and shipped to its proud owner, June 2010.
The Spirit of Life Pen... portfolio A few trial shots of the new design specially created for the folks who frequent the Fountain Pen Network... New in 2010... portfolio A sneak preview of two new bespoke designs on the way for lucky clients.
The Roses Pen 2009... portfolio The latest bespoke commission from Henry's workshop. It's going to make a wonderful Christmas present for someone... Latest Designs 2009... portfolio The very latest bespoke designs and other updated work from Henry.
Latest Designs for Client Proofing... portfolio The very latest designs in sheet silver ready for client proofing. New Bespoke Designs for 2009... portfolio Some of the beautiful new bespoke designs at the cut-out sheet silver stage.
The Ants Pen... portfolio The 2009 bespoke commission pen for Mr Beaumont Vance... The Mucha Series... portfolio A series of four pens inspired by the artist Alfonse Mucha.
Bespoke Commissions... portfolio Beautiful bespoke designs to your specific requirement... (further variations being added over the next few weeks) New Bespoke Commissions: The Number Seven... portfolio The latest, stunning bespoke commission...
The Henry Simpole Pen... portfolio The latest Conway Stewart limited edition fountain pen... The Great Exhibition Pen... portfolio The ultra-giant pen designed for Conway Stewart in 2006. Available to purchase through Conway Stewart, England.
The Conway Stewart Centenary Pen... portfolio Designed for Conway Stewart to celebrate their Centenary in 2005. Available to purchase through Conway Stewart, England. The William Morris Pen... portfolio Inspired by the 19th Century English designer...
The Myrtle Pen 2006 portfolio The Tendril... portfolio
The Jasmin Pen... portfolio The Snake... portfolio