A New Pen from the Corsini/Simpole Collaboration...

27th May 2012
Corsini-Simpole Droplet Pattern Overlay Pen!

The Droplet Pattern Overlay Pen is the result of a collaboration with Bruno Corsini of America, widely known for his "handmade pens, vintage style".

There will be 20 examples of this pen produced, all hand made from German hard rubber in red or black. It's impossible to find a red hard rubber today that looks just like the early pens so we selected two shades of red, both of which produce a very nice contrast to the silver overlay. And the classic black always looks terrific with an overlay. There will be a limited number of each colour.

The pens will be offered with two different filling systems -- button and piston. The button system is that used on many of my other pens, with a sac and pressure bar, working like the early 20th century button filler Parkers and others. The piston, on the other hand, is made with a modern high quality German piston unit.

Pictures will follow here asap, but for the full overview please visit Bruno's website: