Simpole Onoto 1907 Exhibition Plunger Filler...

13th October 2015

"What makes ‘The Best of British’? Consummate design skills? Meticulous craftsmanship? Hallmarked sterling silver, rich enamelling and a smooth-as-butter nib? Combine them all and the result, shown here, is the closest you can get to British pen perfection.
In this latest example of his exquisite craftsmanship, Henry has turned for inspiration to one of the earliest overlay examples ever made in the UK – a 1907 ‘Exhibition’ pen hand-crafted in Birmingham by a firm of silversmiths over an Onoto plunger-filler body. At that time, many silversmiths chose to make ‘exhibition’ pieces which they could use to display their talents at shows and exhibitions. The original pen was acquired by a private collector in 2013 and he was so impressed with its magnificent design and structure that he invited Henry to make a replica of it in a small limited edition."

Limited to just 35 pens worldwide!

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