The "Clouds House" Pens 2013...

16th June 2013

A new pen has been created by Henry for a foundation really close to his heart... "Clouds House". Here's what Henry had to day about the design and the story behind it.

"About 30 years ago, I went into a treatment centre [for alcoholism] down in Wiltshire, called Clouds House, in East Knoyle. To say that it saved my life is complete understatement, I was in a terrible state when I entered the place, and little did I realise then just how Clouds House was going to affect my life.

I was patient number seven, having arrived only about a month after they had opened for business. During the course of my treatment there, I had been 'volunteered' into cooking Sunday Lunches, bearing in mind that I had been trained as a chef, and had worked for a long time in the hotel and catering business. After I left treatment, I used to go back there for 'aftercare', and on one occasion I was asked if I could help them as their head cook had suddenly left! I said that I would, only until they found someone else, and I stayed there as the head chef for about four and a half years! During that time, I watched Clouds House grow to become the largest treatment centre in the country at that time. I cannot thank the Clouds House people enough for what it has done for me, so, I decided to make an overlaid pen for them, [10 pens to start with] which they can sell at their fund raising auctions/functions, which they hold from time to time.

It is very satisfying to be able to give something back to a place that I feel so grateful towards."

Honest words indeed... here's more of the beautiful design for all to enjoy. More pictures are available in the Gallery area of this site (top of page).